Unconventional Branding Opportunities …at Conventions!

Each year, Comic-Con gets bigger and offers brands like yours more opportunities to connect with vocal, passionate consumers. And just like all your other marketing, the better the planning the more effective the execution…and the results. We always suggest that the time is NOW to start planning for July’s San Diego Comic-Con.

But you might not realize that there’s been an explosion in regional comic conventions too. As we keep building to “Peak Geek”, that mythical time when fans’ passion for comics, graphic novels, video games, sci-fi movies, manga, etc. reach an apex, we see fantastic conventions with strong attendance all across the country. And when campaigns are executed with authenticity, these conventions can be the perfect time to activate your brand’s message!

Here’s a list of the top conventions for 2014. Any of these cities important to your brand (or your client’s brands)? Any of these timeframes work for you? If so – call or email Bonfire today and let’s talk about creating a customized program!