Bonfire Agency to Explore “Brands Gone Geek” at San Diego Comic-Con

(July 17, 2014 – New York, NY) – Pop culture branding and marketing specialists Bonfire Agency announced today that their “Brands Gone Geek” panel will be staged at this year’s annual Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday, July 25th from 4:00-5:00pm in Room 25ABC.

Comprised of accomplished professionals and thought leaders from the worlds of marketing, publishing, branding, retailing and media, the panel will explore the many ways in which geek culture at large is winning the war for the hearts, minds and wallets of modern consumers.

“What was once marginalized and often ridiculed is now idolized and consistently celebrated across all aspects of popular culture and entertainment,” said Steve Rotterdam, Bonfire Agency Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director. “Major brands in categories ranging from soft drinks and snack foods to automobiles and financial services are doubling down on their embrace of geek-centric content, strengthening their relationships with both the consumers and creators of this content. In the process, a new generation of superfans is exerting increasing influence over not only what we watch, read and hear, but what we eat, drive and wear.”

“Yesterday’s nerds are today’s key decision makers across all business sectors,” added Kris Longo, VP of Business Development at Bonfire, as well as President of Geek Riot Media. “We geeks have truly inherited the earth.”

“Brands Gone Geek” will examine significant trends and their implications, as well as look at ways in which advertisers are working with industry advocates – including neighborhood comic shops – to embrace the “comic” in “comic culture.”

Scheduled panelists include publisher Filip Sablik (BOOM! Studios), digital innovations expert Mel Wilson (IPG Labs), journalist Heidi MacDonald (The Beat, Publishers Weekly), author Rob Salkowitz (Comic Con and the Business of Pop Culture), comics retailer Carr D’Angelo (Earth-2 Comics) and media strategist Kris Longo (Geek Riot Media). Bonfire’s Ed Catto and Steve Rotterdam will co-moderate the panel.

About Bonfire Agency LLC
The first agency of its kind, Bonfire Agency LLC is an advertising and marketing consultancy dedicated to helping brands reach and deepen connections to highly influential, but often challenging to engage with pop culture consumers. This demographic, labeled by some as geek culture, is comprised of incredibly passionate, tribe-wired “superfans” of everything from comic books, video games and action films to underground music, sci-fi inspired television and cutting edge adult comedy. Bonfire’s mission is to find ways to build relevant bridges between brands and a diverse audience of consumers that just might become their most effective advocates. For more information, visit